Vector Control

Vector Control Services

At the time of incorporation, Entosav designated PCO services as its core business. Our company was involved in business by providing PCO services to over 900 professional corporations such as hospitals, industrial zones, holiday camps and other large-size corporations. Entosav is a leading corporation that has proposed to the municipalities (Uskudar Municipality/Istanbul, 1996) the very first outdoors vector control in addition to indoors PCO services. Having fourteen (14) years of indoor vector control, our company is the only private company that provides urban vector control throughout the city.

Vectors are the biggest biological weapons of our age. Entosav had adopted a biological approach to vector control in order protect the public health. It closely follows up with the technological advancements and adapts modern technologies and innovations to the geographies where these services are offered.

Entosav uses scientific and modern methods, new-generation products and systems with high technological basis in stead of classical methods and products, so it carries the vector control a step forward.

Entosav participates in American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA), European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA) and SOVE scientific conventions and shares its experiences with international vector control authorities. Entosav is able to follow up with all global developments through the activities of scientific authorities such as AMCA, EMCA and SOVE. In this way, Entosav implements global developments, discoveries, innovations, new methods of control and technologic inventions for the corporations to which it renders services.

Urban Projects

Entosav has completed the following projects successfully so far:

  • Üsküdar Municipality / İstanbul,
  • Kartal Municipality / İstanbul,
  • Bakırköy Municipality / İstanbul,
  • Çekmeköy Municipality / İstanbul,
  • Nilüfer Municipality / Bursa,
  • Bursa Metropolitan Municipality,
  • Akyazı Municipality / Adapazarı
  • Denizli Municipality,
  • Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality,
  • Adana Metropolitan Municipality

Scaling up its services in this field, Entosav also conducts technical and practical studies in the following fields and renders services to the corporations and institutions.

  • Determining the species,
  • Geographical discovery system,
  • GPRS and other technological control systems,
  • Mapping,
  • Resistance tests,
  • Research on tropical diseases in the region,
  • Monitoring population graphics,
  • Population data before and after the implementation,
  • Public notification and cultural studies,
  • Data handling for regional biological prosperity,
  • Research on fertility habitats and recording the data,
  • Landscaping and physical studies.

In addition to these services, Entosav also proposes project release to company executives in order to shed light on the years and so, it endeavors to bring in the industry the sense of duty of system engineering.

Corporate Projects

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