Vector Control

Our Responsibilities

It is manufacturer's responsibility to

  • In compliance with WHO/FAO specifications and CIPAC standards,
  • Preserve standards in every single serial of products and offer high quality products,
  • Deliver warranty certificate, certificate of analysis and documents and technical specifications attached to the product itself,
  • Keep every sample of series at the laboratory till the date of expiration,
  • Reply to operator's quality inquiries regarding the product in a timely manner,
  • Comply with the laws and regulations of Turkish Ministry of Health on product quality, standard, label and packaging etc.

Sales Channel

Sales channel responsibilities are to

  • Explain to the operator positive and negative (if any) aspects of the product objectively,
  • Avoid mispresentations at the time of product promotion,
  • Act honestly and in integrity,
  • Be able to advise the operator on any products he/she needs and to tell the application methods against the pests referred to in the license,
  • Inform the operator on dosing, the most suitable implementation method and implementation risks,
  • Providing after-sale technical support accurately,
  • Send Directorate General negative and/or positive feedbacks obtained from the field so that they are referred to the E&D department in turn.


It is user's responsibility

  • To use the product against pests in correct dosing indicated in the label approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health,
  • To notify and ask for help from the sales channel representatives in case of an unexpected incident,
  • To not to use the product in combination with non-standard devices,
  • To provide the personnel that will use the product with information or to resort to the sales channels for similar technical supports,
  • Not to use the product before reading and fully acknowledging the directions for use and precautions referred to in the approved label of the product,
  • To ask for help from the Poison Information Center and Turkish Ministry of Health's regional departments as and when required.