Vector Control

Vector Control Products

Owing to its broad product portfolio, Entosav offers products to the professional market including municipalities, military units, forestry enterprises and public institutions such as Health Ministry, while providing effective pesticides to the consumer market through pharmacies, pesticide dealers, veterinary clinics, pharmaceutical warehouses, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, chain markets and supermarkets.

Entosav is a leading company with a highly effective product range against harmful insects and rodents that threaten human, plant and animal life.

Entosav's research aimed at developing products is conducted under a fully scientific discipline. Products of Entosav;

  • Are developed at high technology standards and bear international recognition,
  • Are selected and developed from the range that is safe out of the target,
  • Are certified by the Health Ministry as per the European Union rules on Biocides,
  • Contain molecules supported by the EU Biocides 98/8 EC Directives.
  • We produce innovative products using advanced technologies in our facilities, along with products imported from developed countries such as USA, Europe and Japan.