Training & Symposium

Since Entosav began to display nationwide activities, it has attached great importance and priority to follow up with training, education, technology and scientific advancements.

Our company organized more than 20 education seminars up until now and these seminars served as a bridge between the experts and operators.

Participating and providing participants for international conventions such as AMCA, EMCA and SOVE, Entosav acted as a golden sponsor for the cited institutions and made great efforts to promote national studies around the world.

Adopting that it is its duty and responsibility to introduce in turkey global advancements and innovations acquired from aforecited conventions, main objective of the company is to upgrade vector control program standards that are current in our country to international standards.

For the upcoming period, we have accelerated the works in order to become fully prepared for product assessment as per the new regulations, biocidal requirements and Biocides 98/8 EC Directive during the EU accession period and to inform our operators on the new developments.

Special trainings provided with the operators will continue so that vector control programs are performed in an environment friendly, effective and economic way.