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Forest Protection Products

Harmful insect larvae eat the leaves of the forest trees and cause loss of increment. This damage does not only cause economic loss but also negatively affect the pleasure value of the forests, parks and entertainment areas. Furthermore, irritating hairs and toxic secretions of some insect types threaten both humans and meadow cattle.

Due to richness of the forest ecosystem, insecticides to be used against forest pests should be safer than those used against agricultural and horticultural pests in terms of ecological and environmental impacts.

Modern and most effective insecticide against these pests is Dimilin ODC 45. High impact on pests, as well as safety for ecosystem and environment, are some of the most unique features of Dimilin ODC 45. Increasing environmental awareness has combined with the search for effective products since 2005 and starting from that period Dimilin ODC 45 started to be used for combating pests in the forests of our country.

Why Dimilin ODC 45?
Full Recoginition
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • With EU Support (Directive 91/414/EEC)
  • Republic of Turkey Food, Agriculture and Livestock
  • Non-poisonous to bees
  • Non-poisonous to fish
  • Non-poisonous to birds
  • Predator friendly
  • Economical: 1 liter per 7 hectares
  • Ease of Application: Th. Fog and ULV
  • Wide spectrum: Certified against 7 pests
  • Widespread Use: Over 100 enterprises and 15 EU countries
  • Highly effective: %99,8 success and 40 days of residual effect