About Us

Entosav was founded as a family corporation by Yıldıztekin Brothers, who used an unemployment loan provided with the young people, in 1995. Having 4 companies and providing employment for 500 people, Entosav continues to display activities in different fields, primarily in production, servicing, public health, environmental planning, construction and contracting. Having been engaged in the industry with a very low amount of loan that was only enough for incorporation, our company has become a leading figure in the industry with over US20.000.000$ turnover today. Besides, Entosav was entitled to an honor reward from the revenue office for being listed in top 40 for the last four years' tax payment scaling among 40.000 big-size tax-payers in its location.

Entosav in Figures

500 employees

17 technical teams

14 international partnerships

13 local partnerships

4 companies

3 international partnerships

1 project team built for the R&D team at universities

Extensive network of sales and distribution in all areas.